Hodson Trust – John Carter Brown Fellowship (four months, $20,000 + housing)

The Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience and the John Carter Brown Library invite applications for the Hodson Trust – John Carter Brown Fellowship, a unique research and writing fellowship. The Hodson Trust – John Carter Brown Fellowship supports work by academics, independent scholars and writers working on significant projects relating to the literature, history, culture, or art of the Americas before 1830. Candidates with a U.S. history topic are strongly encouraged to concentrate on the period prior to 1801. The fellowship is also open to filmmakers, novelists, creative and performing artists, and others working on projects that draw on this period of history.  The 2022-23 fellowship award supports two months of research and two months of writing. The stipend is $5,000 per month for a total of $20,000, plus housing and university privileges. 

The research is conducted at the John Carter Brown Library on the campus of Brown University in Providence, R.I., which has one of the world’s richest collections of books, maps and documents related to North and South America and the Caribbean between 1492 and 1830. The research must be completed within the academic year (September to May). Housing will be provided convenient to the library. The writing period of the fellowship will be at the Starr Center at Washington College in Chestertown, Md. The two-month writing term will be during the summer following the research term (June-August). Candidates are encouraged to consult the John Carter Brown Library’s collections online prior to submitting an application. Special consideration will be given to proposals discussing specific resources at the JCBL that will be useful to the project. 

The deadline for the 2022-23 fellowship is February 1, 2022. 

For more information and further applications directions, please visit The Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience at Washington College. Contact Info: 

Amber McGinnis, Assistant Director at Washington College’s Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience 

Contact Email: amcginnis3@washcoll.edu

URL: https://www.washcoll.edu/learn-by-doing/starr/index.php

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