TSA-CUP Book Prize


The TSA-CUP book prize is awarded to the best book published within a given year in the broad field of transatlantic studies. Both monographs and edited collections are eligible.

We are now accepting nominations from individuals and publishers for books published in 2021. The deadline for nominations is 15 January 2022. The winner will be announced at the TSA annual conference in July 2022.

For any queries, please contact the TSA Prizes and Awards Officer, David Ryan.


£150 cheque from the TSA

£150 book token from Cambridge University Press

The prize-winner will be announced at the TSA Annual Conference in July. 

The nominated author/s can be at any career level, and all must be TSA members before the nomination deadline.

The book must have a focus on Transatlantic content.

The transatlantic region is broadly defined and includes the Americas and the Caribbean in the west and Europe extending to Russia the Middle East and Africa in the east.

The subject areas covered by the prize are as follows:

  • Transatlantic Cultural Studies
  • Literature and cultural studies
  • International Relations & Politics
  • History
  • Race, Slavery and Migration
  • Security Studies (especially relating to NATO)
  • Economics and Business Studies
  • Environmental studies
  • Film
  • Sociology and Social Policy
  • Theatre

Contact Info: Professor David Ryan

Contact Email: david.ryan@ucc.ie

URL: https://www.transatlanticstudies.com/tsacup-book-prize

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